AboutTo foreigners in Kanazawa and traveling to Kanazawa

01 Our dry head spa & massage

We massage and loosen the entire head with our hands. We pursuit of comfort. And not only that, it is for painful migraines and eye strain.
At hitotoki, we massage your head thoroughly while stretching your entire head. By firmly pressing pressure points on the head, blood circulation from the head and brain is promoted, which is also effective in improving blood flow.

02 Our foot massage

We massage the soles and calves of your feet to make your body feel refreshed and light.

Are your feet tired from wearing shoes and supporting your body all day? Why not massage your feet to improve blood circulation and refresh your whole body?

At hitotoki, we will thoroughly massage the soles of your feet and calves with a comfortable massage.

Let's free up your feet, which are stuffed inside shoes all day and have stiffness and poor blood flow, and improve the causes of swelling and coldness.

03 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q-1

    Is there anything I should bring or be aware of?


    There is nothing in particular to bring.
    Please note that the entrance is locked for security reasons, so please ring the chime when you arrive at the store entrance.

  • Q-2

    How many minutes before my appointment time may I visit?


    We do not have a waiting area available, so we ask that you enter 5 minutes prior to your appointment.

  • Q-3

    Can I leave my makeup on?


    No problem.We will put a towel over your eyes and around your face, so there is a possibility that some of your makeup may fall off.
    We have a dresser available, so if you are concerned, please bring your own makeup.

  • Q-4

    Should I remove my contact lenses?


    Most people leave it in place, but if you experience dryness or other inconvenience from closing your eyes, please remove it.

  • Q-5

    Can I take it during pregnancy?


    Yes, you can have a dry head massage if you are in the stable period.

  • Q-6

    Do you accept credit cards?


    Yes, we accept credit cards.

    VISA/MasterCard/JCB/American Express/Diners/Discover

  • Q-7

    Is there parking available?


    Yes, there is.

    No. 3 and No. 4 in front of the building.

  • Q-8

    Can I cancel?


    Yes, please cancel at least one day in advance.
    We do not accept cancellations on the day of the event.

AccessSalon information

The location is near Kanazawa station. It is located on the second floor of the building below. It is open until 21:00 p.m., so it is a great place to go after traveling or work.



Address:SeshibonEkinishi 202 &302, Ekinishihonmachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0025 Japan


Business Hours:10:00-21:00

Regular Holidays:None, Closed for New Year’s, check our Googlemaps for more details

Treatment rooms:2

Access:5 minutes by taxi from Kanazawa Port exit of JR Kanazawa Station





Head Spa (includes tax)


Please actually experience the pleasure of “nothingness” where you don’t have to think about anything with our superb head spas that are designed to feel great! Recommended for those who suffer from stiff neck and shoulders and eyestrain.


60 minutes→ ¥9,900

90 minutes→¥14,850

120 minutes→¥19,800


Premium Head Spa (includes tax)


This is a luxurious massage course that includes a melt-in-your-mouth bone-removal head massage and a knee-to-neck calf massage. For those who suffer from stiff necks and shoulders caused by desk work or smartphone use, or from swelling and heaviness in the feet due to standing work! We will massage from your feet to your head.


60 minutes→ ¥11,000

90 minutes→¥15,950

120 minutes→¥20,900